This is primary a PowerTeam Elite Desert Patrol Vehicle.

I added the roof section from the BBI DPV to this. Though I also dremeled out the holes in the roof so it had a grill effect & added realism.

Next I upgraded the firepower for the DPV:

Top is armed with: a BBI M2 .50 cal Heavy Machine Gun & also 2 BBI AT4s.

Front Passenger is armed with a BBI MK19 Automatic Grenade launcher.

Rear defence is taken care of by a PTE Minigun.

I made Ammo belts for all 3 weapon systems using the PTE Little Bird ammo belt cut to 3 sizes for each weapon platform.

Next I made a GPS-SATCOM roof mounted unit. This is made from a Chap Mei wheel hub & a paint pot lid.

The .50 cal M2 ammo can is from the PTE Little Bird. The MK19 & Minigun ammo cans are both BBI MK19 cans.

I added a flip down Laptop for Up-to-Date Intel.

There is a tow chain around the bumper (actual jewerly chain).

The kit stowed on the DPV is made up from various makes including PTE, Build-a-rama & also 2 spare PTE DPV tires too. Also driver backpack is by ScopeUK.

The patches on the body I printed out though I designed the TF OMEGA patch.

Task Force OMEGA is a Special Operations Group (SOG) tasked to deal with the threat of terrorism.

They have a more open side which is assigned to FLASHFORCE, STRIKE 318, TF OMEGA (This harkens back to my 1/6th days).

Though TF OMEGA has there own ELITE Covert Ops Group (COG) that is kept well away from ANY other Goverment/Private Organisations.

These operators are tasked to deliver a deadly blow that stops the terrorists DEAD in there tracks. So far they have a 100% track record of Eliminations.

TF OMEGA uses a whole aray of hardware to achieve their tasks. The branch serving with FLASHFORCE are equipped like any other FLASHFORCE Unit (these will be seen shortly).

The DPV here is for the COG TF OMEGA unit.

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