V1 Mobat

With the forces of Cobra and Python Patrol getting stronger and stronger, the Joe team had to react fast. To support the newest members of Tiger Force on their assault of the newly constructed Python headquarters, where ever it may be, Hawk had the MOBAT commissioned into the Tiger Force team. The Joe's oldest armored vehicle is still one of their most reliable and powerful. Retrofitted with turbine engines and an automated firing system, these new Tiger Bats have incredible "shoot on the move" capabilities. Python Patrol will have a bad day when these tanks find out where the snakes are hiding.

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These are my first attempt at doing the Tiger Force custom vehicles. I had 6 junker MOBATs which weren't any good for much else so I gave it a shot. Most of them came out pretty nice, but I still have a bit to learn about doing this type of custom. Decals by the334thjoeco.com.

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