Body- Dreadnok Thunder Machine (Chopped and shortened)
Interior-Dreadnok Thunder Machine
NOS bottle- Torch backpack tank part
Steering Wheel-Chap Mei car and stirring straw
Shifter- unknown piece
Floor mat- piece of tan suede leather
Rear wheels- Thunder Machine, wood dowel and parts from Brawler
Engine-Moray, epoxy for intake and exhaust manifolds and straws for pipes
Front End- old toy jeep tires, Brawler missile system linked to allow for left and right turning at the same time. Fenders from Chap Mei car
Grill- part from an old unknown toy tank and Rhino head lights.
Windshield-piece of clear plastic and parts of missile launcher legs.
Rear view Mirror- Comic pack Zartan thigh pad and reflective card board.

I had an extra Thunder Machine body and a broken interior. I wanted to use them and after my friend told me about his brother-in-law building a real T-Bucket, I knew how to use the parts. I searched on line for images of T-Buckets in order to see how it should look. Then I pulled out all of the spare parts from my junk box and began to put it together.

A T-Bucket is a true kit bash custom car. Mostly built on a Model T Ford chassis, hence the T in T-bucket. Any engine that would fit or the builder wants to use, usually an eight cylinder big block. A fiberglass body and interior. There is no set way of how a T-Bucket should look. Every owner builds theirs the way the want.

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