T-Bob is Arcee

Growing up with a single-billionaire-industrialist-scientist-government agent-transforming car driving-father is a lot to deal with as a young child. That's exactly what Scott Trakker had to deal with each and every day when his father was suddenly called away to fight the forces of VENOM and Cobra. Needless to say Scott was left to his own devices, or rather the many technologically wonderful devices in his father's workshop. What he did next surprised even his father, Scott built a transforming robotic companion.

Starting out as little more than a 32 bit memory stuffed in a glorified trashcan/scooter T-Bob accompanied Scott on many forays into the "battlefield." The duo always found themselves in the way, disrupting the flow of battles, and distracting other MASK agents whose priorities inevitably shifted away from the terrorists and onto the child and his toy. After one particularly brutal battle that led to the death of Boris Bushkin who took a blast from Sly Raxx's Stilletto mask, Matt Trakker ordered T-Bob disassembled and his memory erased. Trakker had Scott placed into "temporary" protective custody promising to train him properly when he reached his 21st birthday. Unbeknownst to Matt, Scott swapped T-Bobs memory with a Speak and Spell.

Over the years T-Bobs memory has been moved from hand held games to most recently an Elite X-Box 360. Scott has made constant upgrades to T-Bobs A.I., computing capabilities, and has finessed his defensive understanding through video game playing, including hundreds of hours of HALO I, II, and III. Through all the upgrades and memory swaps T-Bob has lost parts of his original friendly personality.

Fiercely loyal to Scott, who he feels saved his "life," there seems to be no limits as to how far he will go for his friend.

On his 21st birthday Scott expected his father to release him from what he came to know as his protective prison. However, Trakker never came. Thinking his father betrayed him first through his "killing" of T-Bob, then locking him up, and now forgetting his promise, Scott escaped custody with T-Bob in his X-Box state and made his way to one of the many secret labs his father ran. The two found the lab abandoned. It didn't take long for Scott to get it back online, setting off a silent alarm that instantly alerted Matt to his son's presence.

Using plans he and T-Bob perfected over the proceeding decade, Scott and T-Bob created a new form for the bot to take. Not realizing that they were being watched from afar and that the world was falling into chaos around them as the Zed virus ravaged the lands, Scott and T-Bob constructed T's new body. They also used "Stolen" MASK plans to create Scott's MASK, Centurion.

On land T-Bob has almost no equal when it comes to speed, which came in handy almost immediately as the two emerged from the lab and were surrounded by the undead. Barely escaping with their lives the two are now on a two-part mission; survive the Zed horde and seek revenge against Matt Trakker. First stop...

Boulder Hill.

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