-Schleich SUV
-Unimax 50-cal

I cut the Schleich SUV in half with a razor saw and extended it by epoxying a piece of MDF to the chassis. I then sprayed the chassis with black plastic dye and painted the body with semigloss spray enamel.

Using an old brush, I dabbed on 2 shades of green acrylic paint for the improvised camo pattern, followed by a drybrushing with silver to simulate paint chips and wear, then brown and tan paint for dirt and rust effects.

The grill guard is from a cheap plastic Land Rover toy, and the 50-cal MG is a modified Bravo Team (Unimax) item. I made the swiveling pintle mount from aluminum tubing and a small piece of aluminum sheet bent into a U shape. I used a small screw to secure the U-shaped piece to the tubing.

I made the guerillas from a variety of figure parts (GI Joe, Bravo Team and PTE).

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