-Venom modified chassis and electronics (full function 4 X 4 RC)
-Head lights are radio shack including the toggle switch
-Red and blue flashing LED's are radio shack
-I used Tonka steel brigade electronics for sound and flashing effect
- Added a motion sensor and toggle switch
-Ultimate soldier ration accessories
-Body is a Walmart $10 vehicle (I'm sure you recognize it)
-Various parts from new G.I. JOE VAMP
-Motorcycle also Walmart

-(QRF) Quick Reaction Force
-Front line recon and re-supply
-Convoy security

-Heavy armor
-All tarrain self sealing run flat tires
-4 wheel drive
-7 barrel vulcan canon w/super high velocity rounds

"The Beast" can always be found in the front, whether running point as convoy security or responding to eminent treats (QRF). With its heavy armor and super high velocity vulcan canon, what doesn't move out of the way the monster removes out of its way. With Scarlet, driving (unavailable for picture, Status: ON LEAVE), Sgt Stone, riding shotgun and Bench Press at the gun this Beast becomes unstoppable. Stacked with supplies ranging from extra ammo, rations, sniper rifles, fuel, small arms and even a motorcycle to deliver supplies to the JOE's (in those hard to reach places) it can maintain the line against any of Cobras assaults.

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