1992 Barracuda

The Water Weasel is a failed experiment by Cobra North agent Chacal Noir. Attempting to incorporate the H.A.T.E. technology with an underwater vehicle may sound good on paper, but ultimately it ends up looking lame and being a complete waste of everyone's time involved. Add to that the money spent to complete the vehicle makes this a failure from all angles.

It doesn't float, the colours are terrible, and the shine of the original Sky Patrol technology only enhances it's view from in air or underwater G.I. Joe vehicles and personnel.

In short. The Water Weasel stinks, and no Cobra North agent wants to be seen near it.

I originally made this thinking it was going to look great. Once I was done and assembled everything (from a sealed box), I was very disappointed with the final result. Getting items chromed is NOT cheap, and this as a last second addition was a bad idea in my books. Had I gotten the missiles and such chromed as well, and not added the blue speckles on the top, I'm sure it would of looked much better.

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