25th Ace
30th Skystriker
Missiles from Rolling Thunder
Gatling Gun
Obi-Wan Jedi Starfighter
PVC pipe as rocket booster mounts
Extra pair of Skystriker engines
Testors spray paints
Gamesworkshop Troll Slayer Orange
Various stickers from Cobrastickers and Skystriker
Drill, screws, sandpaper, exacto knife, plastic saw, glue
Dull coat

This is GI Joe's last resort. A Skystriker modified to quickly reach near space altitude and deliver a tactical nuclear weapon anywhere on Earth in an extremely short period of time. The exact time frames for various targets around the globe are classified.

The armament consists of a nose mounted Vulcan cannon, booster platform mounted Avenger rotary cannon, 2 Sparrow missiles, 2 Sidewinder missiles, and 2 tactical nuclear warheads housed in a classified air-to-ground missile of unknown origins.

The plane is not very maneuverable and Ace has described it as a "flying dumptruck". The truth is it doesn't have to be maneuverable. It flies so fast and so high it is unreachable by any known weapon system.

The name Apocalypse was chosen due to the end of world scenario required for its deployment. Grim Reaper tail markings were borrowed from Fighter Squadron 101 as this plane came to be called the "Angel of Death" by those who trained on it.

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