Star Wars Rebel Transport
Star Trek Bridge
World Peace Keepers Locker, Bunk Beds, Oil Barrels
Black Krylon Model Paint
GI Joe Devil Fish Rotor Blades

In order for GI Joe to better handle the terrorist activities of Cobra by sea they commissioned a Seawolf Class Submarine dubbed USS Colton. This nuclear powered sub can go silent and cannot be seen nor heard. With its black radar absorbing hull it is virtually undetectable in the water. From this new mode of transport and combat GI Joe can launch covert groups and missions as well as battle Cobra's navy from below.

I wanted to create some thing that no one else has built. A full scale vehicle like a mobile command center but for the seas. Hence the idea for the USS Colton was born. When trying to figure out what would work I looked at an old yellowed SW Rebel Transport and it looked so perfect. I painted it black added a bridge from Star Trek and then took the old command console from it cut it apart and reassembled it as the computer station in the middle of the sub. I added some red devil fish propellars to the back and a sleeping area, locker and some oil barrels. Then I added a command chair for Admiral Keel Haul made from an old SW Death Star Gun Chair and there you have it. The USS Colton!

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