Avengers Helicarrier
Cobra head from the Sigma 6 Adventure Team Snake Eyes set

Crashing through the sky...or the ocean, comes Cobra's Helicarrier. This deadly Cobra craft is able to cut through the waves of any ocean to send Hammerheads or BUGGS into battle. Then it takes off into the air to launch platoons of Trouble Bubbles and jet-pack troopers to attack Joe, wherever he might be. What began as a game of one-upsmanship for Cobra Commander trying to outdo Destro, in designing transportable launch platforms, has actually made it off the drawing board and into deadly reality. Cobra now has a small fleet of these Helicarriers around the globe, giving Cobra a tactical advantage. Cobra Commander has the smug satisfaction of getting a weapon system into production without input from Destro or MARS.

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