Dark Knight Returns Batpod parts
ROC Cobra stand
Vintage ASP Canopy
ROC Eel spring loaded weapon parts

So, I actually really like the HISS Scout. The only thing I didn't like was that it looked incomplete. Originally, I just threw an ASP canopy on it to make it look more complete, but it was not connected. Saw the Batpod for $6 the other day so I picked it up thinking I can do something with the cover to mount it onto the HISS Scout. Ended up only using the metal bar on the hinge. Basically drilled a hole in the side beside the headrest and shoved the rod through and drilled holes in the ASP canopy hinge part and put it over the rod.

The other thing I didn't like about the HISS Scout is there is a gunner's platform but no handles on the gun. Using parts from the spring loaded weapon from ROC Eel, I made a handle for the gunner to hold the gun.

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