Base: Captain America Goliath Tank
Lots of kibble from fodder bins

Cobra's answer to urban warfare. The A.S.P. (Alley-Viper Support Platform) takes the name from a previous member of the Cobra Artillery Battery without its many shortfalls. This new incarnation of the A.S.P. carries everything an Alley-Viper Squad needs for an extended invasion; rifles, ammo, shield, rope (you always need rope), all manner of entry tools, and even a ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) armed with a SAW and surface to surface rocket system.

The A.S.P. isn't just a transport but also a weapon in its own right, armed with a variety of heavy weapons to inflict maximum damage on the enemy.


A big shout out to KeepItCleanCustoms for his awesome Boom Boom Tank which inspired me to work on this.

This was my first attempt at adding LEDs to anything and I like the results. I also created a water slide decal for the top inspired by WWII bombers.

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