Jeep, trailer: PTE
Rifle: Resolute Firefly missile launcher with plastic pen casing

With the success of the first GI Joe line in 1964, Hasbro released the Official GI Joe Jeep the following year. It originally retailed for 10$ (a lot of money in 1965) and included several features:

- Trailer with working searchlight

- Rocket Firing recoiless rifle

- Realistic vehicles sounds

- Could seat two figures.

I started this vehicle with a Power Team Elite (PTE) jeep and trailer. Initially, I was not going to change it much as it was going to serve as background filling to take pictures. However, I started with small changes and those led to an all-new vehicle.

First, I started by adding/modifying the hubcaps. Then, I moved the spare tire from the back to the side. After that, I removed the radio and antenna from the original jeep. I used a 30th Cobra Viper rocket launcher as a base to build the recoilless rifle. After that, I added the searchlight in the trailer. Finally, I cut and added some styrene to change the shape and size of the windshield.

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