Retaliation Combat Cruiser base, cheese cloth, translucent plastic, gorilla tape, Jungle Viper weapon, Viper backpack, Indiana Jones parts, Vintage VAMP Variant mines, Chap Mei fuel drum & gas can, BBI WWII Half track blanket stowage painted dark grey, POC barbed wire

Parts of note are...
- Camo shroud (grey netting)
- Removable large caliber Rifle (with optional separate bipod for when it isn't mounted) & 1 rocket launcher
- handmade scale clear vinyl windscreen cover with rifle cutout (just sits on front, it isn't glued - so you can display it with or without the "windshield")
- 3 mines in Mine Crate
- Gas Can
- Fuel Drum
- Black stowage drum
- Set of 5 toools (2 wrench, Jaws of Life, Axe & hammer)
- Barbed Wire
- 1 Standard issue cobra backpack
- Grey fabric stowage (could be blankets, tent etc. all one molded plastic piece painted Cobra Grey)

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