Combat Cruiser base, Kwinn machinegun painted, Chap Mei armor bumpers that happen to fit and look decent, real chain painted/weathered, unknown bike tires (meant to represent spare/replacement desert motorcycle tires for the RAM)

- Mounted Machinegun (can be taken out - the join point is wrapped in tape and somewhat loose)
- Removable and adjustable armored cover bars (they can attack several places - and they can swivel)
- Supply crate
- 1 Standard Issue GI Joe backpack
- Gas Can
- 3x GI Joe "Javelin" Man Portable missile launchers - 2 in HE (High Explosive marked black) and 1 in Signal Yellow
- 1 Shovel
- 2 Rubber-like All Terain Motorcycle tires
- Length of real Metal scale weathered tow Chain

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