Vehicle: Lanard Star Force with scratch built winch

Easily the most iconic vehicle created for the Adventure Team, the 6-Wheeler was included in several sets and was first released in 1970. The Secret of the Mummy's Tomb included the vehicle with working winch, shovel, net, sarcophagus and a mummy to save from the Earthquake. The set also included a tan shirt and pants and the pith helmet to outfit your Adventurer in desert fatigues.

I've had the base vehicle for this custom in my fodder box for a few years now. Originally, it is from Lanard's Space Force line. I was waiting for an opportunity to turn it into an Adventure Team 6-wheeler. The lines are a little edgier than the original 1970's vehicle, but many of the characteristics are similar. I added a piece of styrene to the back to cover up the back seat and create a space for the winch. The crane boom is a lego piece.

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