Everything: '87 Dominator

BF 2000 vehicles have some appeal, you just need to find it. Sometimes its a simple matter of a new paint scheme and reworking its function. I hated the Dominator Snow tank; once I got it, it went right into a large plastic tub where it may have never been seen again.
A few years back I had an idea to make it into a swamp fighting vehicle, but never took it past the idea stage. A few months ago, I saw similar custom Dominator on another forum, which lit a fire under my butt to get this done.

The Dominator is an amphibious Infantry Fighting Vehicle; it travels over the water and once it hits the beach head it can separate into two different playsets. One is a small one man recon and infantry support LAV with free rolling wheels, two swiveling machine guns, and an elevating main cannon. The second unit is an armored bunker allowing the Joe team to set up a blockade, or defensive perimeter. the bunker features communications relay uplink, first aid station, weapons and ammo storage, and two swiveling machine guns.

It is driven by Joe Marine, Tracks!

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