Body: MoBAT
Turret: PTE Battle Tank

GI Joe: Resurgence
It is the year 2015. Following years of relative peace, the ruthless terrorist organization known as Cobra has resurfaced by staging several bold attacks on high profile targets all over the World. Returning to active duty, General Hawk enlists the help of his most trusted acolytes - Duke, Beachhead, Stalker and others. Together, they recruit a new group of soldiers and rebuild the World's ultimate special operations unit: GI Joe.

You control the action - forward, reverse, left, right... just like a real tank. Powerful motor and super traction tank treads to climb over obstacles. You can turn and elevate the battle cannon. Includes GI Joe Tank Commander: General Warhorse. Other figure sold separately.

One element that has been missing from recent Joe lines is a full-size good guy tank. We almost got one during RoC. Before then, the most recent Joe tank was the MoBAT re-issue during the 25th anniversary. I tried to remedy that with the Crusher. It uses a MoBAT base, so it is still compact. However, the turret can seat two figures.

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