When Captain Claymore was tasked with putting together a special team for a mission to Brazil, he needed a vehicle that could handle itself in the rugged jungle terrain. He was given one of the next generation VAMPs to put it through it's paces. He armed it with a missile launcher, hood mounted heavy machine gun and Vulcan Gatling gun as well as smoke grenade launchers to provide cover. The vehicle also need to be big enough to carry his whole team.

I knew I wanted to give the Mission: Brazil VAMP a unique paint job but wasn't sure what I wanted to do. Then I saw a truck with a custom paint job that looked like the top colour had been torn off in places to reveal another colour underneath, so that's the effect I was going for. I chose colours that matched both Claymore and Sparta, the two unique characters to the Mission: Brazil Convention set. This is probably one of the more intricate paint jobs I've tried, but I think it works.

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