Laser Force

Red Shadows Shadowtrak

I found this cool vehicle made of processed plastic from the 80's really cheap and wanted to turn it into something cool. I had no idea when I got it how bad of shape it was from sun damage and general wear and tear from over 30 years but I had high hopes for this vehicle. I had a few setbacks when I first started to clean it up. The plastic was brittle and chipped in a few places and the front end cracked when I took it apart. After a thorough cleaning, I proceeded to repair what I could. I retrofitted the base for the twin laser cannon so it would sit securely and swivel left and right. The driver's cockpit is a tight squeeze to fit in joes as it's supposed to seat two figures but one fits fine and the rear passenger area sits four figures fine too. After paint and some decals from, the Shadowtrak was born.

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