Everything: '90 Avalanche

Operation: Fallen Angel

A top-secret government satellite code-named, Angel, has fallen from orbit landing in a remote region of the Cameroon jungle. For the GI Joe team, it's not just a race against time, but against Cobra and the Iron Grenadiers; the valiant Joes find themselves out numbered as they fight to be the first to find and secure the Fallen Angel.
Who will win the race? Who will survive the battle? Take the action into your own hands and decide the fate of the mission with this exclusive Iowa Assembly Required Convention Set.
This one of a kind set includes more than twenty hand-painted custom action figures with accessories and an exclusive custom vehicle.

The Joe team may be out manned but they aren't out gunned with the Ground Pounder rolls into action! This heavily armed and armored attack tank traverses any terrain with ease and includes real working landmine launcher, spring loaded missile launcher, and "flick and fly" rockets! Launch the removable armed attack craft for a quick scout mission.
Manned by a crew of two, the Ground Pounder includes driver, Hot Seat!

The idea for this vehicle was inspired by the Collectors Club repaint of the Snow Cat last year in green. I thought it'd be cool to take an arctic vehicle and repaint it for an all different environment. Originally, I wanted to use the Blockbuster, but couldn't find one at a price I wanted to pay. Luckily I had a spare Avalanche sitting around.

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