The cab started out on the base of the Thunder Machine
chassis is from under an semi of a different scale
jet pack landing pad on top of the cab
blades and front bumper from Indiana Jones jungle tank
front fenders from an RC Humvee
Road Toad rear ramp
propane tanks made from Sky Striker belly tank
Armadillo roll bar.
random wheels
a lot of scrap plastic

Here is the story.

As we have all seen Cobra started dabbling in Zombie making. Knowing Cobra's record, with all their previous chemistry lab experiments, who really thought this would end well.

Well guess what it didn't. It was not very long at all before Compound Z went viral, and I am not talking about it being a big hit on Youtube. No, I am talking about the bad Viral. Mindbender lost total control of the outbreak. Within days it was a global epidemic. Yes Cobra finally conquered the world but not in a positive way. The current situation is full blown zombie apocalypse.

Cobra organization crumbled and scattered. It is believed that the top brass were able to avoid infection but most of the marching force are wandering around aimlessly looking for brains. Zartan had Thrasher snag one of the trucks from the Extensive Enterprise truck fleet. Then Ripper, Buzzer and Torch got busy transforming it into ride to help them stay alive.

They slapped a set of spinning decapitation blades on the front with a cattle guard bumper below them. Torch insisted on throwing a flame thrower platform on top. The flame thrower does work for killing zombies but the truth is flaming zombies stumbling around can present their own problems. Put a passenger cage on the back and built a platform to haul an ATV (which they made zombie proof) so they could make runs in locations where the truck would not go very easily.

The trucks primary goal is just to cut a path for the Dreadnok convoy. It also has the added advantage of being able to hook up to an 18 wheeler trailer and haul as much loot as they want

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