X-Men or Marvel Legends Missile Launcher - Base Body
Baroness - Side Engines
Storm Shadow - Handle Bars
LEGO Hoses
Misc. HALO and Wreck It Ralph Figure - Armor Points
Avengers Assemble Nick Fury - Chin Guns

Made for the 2014 yakface.com Secret Santa custom exchange, this was what I came up with for my recepient, Darth Daddy. I wanted to try something new, and decided to tackle a small scale vehicle having been inspired by the brief glimpse of the large engined speeder bike in the Force Awakens teaser trailer.

Time was tight, being around the holidays, and I've still got a lot to learn about working with vehicles, so it's a little rough around the edges, but it came out fun and I thought the "shipping crate" that went along with it made for a nice presentation.

I also made a sales letter from the swoop's manufacturer that was written in the classic "aurbesh" Star Wars font and had to be translated. I also printed it out on clear transparency material and cut the borders into a datapad like shape to make it extra "Star Wars-y".

"Greetings Sentient!

And congratulations on your acquisition of your DIE Inustries Scatterblast Class Swoop. As you know, DIE Industries' patented dual intake engine gives your Swoop unparalleled power, and the Scatterblast's unique over/under engine configuration is certain to turn heads.

Regrettably, recent Imperial regulations prevent us from installing the full advanced weapons upgrade you requested. We have credited your account for the cost of the package, and hope you enjoy the complimentary personal defense weapon upgrade installed in its place. Imperial regulations further require us clarify that the requested detail paint scheme is to no longer be known as "Rebel Red." The Imperial Security Bureau has suggested "Compliance Crimson" as a replacement.

At DIE Industries, we understand you have a choice when it comes to purchasing Swoops and other high-end performance speeders, and we appreciate the chance to serve your repulsorcraft needs. We'd also like to wish you a Happy Life Day (barring any local Imperial sanctions regulating the observation said holiday in your particular sector).

Faded Datheon
Chief Engineer"

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