Submarine: Animal Planet Sub
Lasers: POTF Cellblock Escape
Missiles: Unknown GI Joe
Torpedoes: Unknown GI Joe
Paint: Krylon Flat Black in spray can

The Chironex or box jellyfish is the most deadly creature in the ocean killing more humans than any other sea creature. Therefore, it is fitting that Cobra's newest tactical submarine is named after it. The radar absorbing hull provides an excellent defense but with twin propulsion it can also outrun most other sea going craft. However, Sea Wasp feels the best defense is a good offense and the Chironex features two remote controlled telescoping arms, twin lasers on the front, two surface-to-air missiles as well as dual torpedoes to blow any foe out of the water. The tactical submarine can also transport and deploy a small EELS team almost anywhere in the world virtually undetected.

I created this submarine using an animal planet sub I found at Toy R' Us. I painted it with Krylon Flat Black and added two supports for the detachable torpedoes. Additionally, the surface to air missiles are removable as well. realescort The twin lasers on the front can rotate 180 degrees and are repurposed Star Wars guns from a POTF cellblock escape. I printed two Cobra logos and affixed them using clear contact paper. The cool part is the electronics work and the front lights flash blue.

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