Lanard Tank

For armored support and firepower on the battle field, the Faulkner Group relies on the Raging Bull MBT.

The advanced 140mm Smooth Bore main gun delivers devastating accuracy and range that surpasses most cannons on modern tanks. The Raging Bull can also second as a mobile howitzer delivering high explosive artillery support to field units.

A .50 machinegun is mounted the commander's turret, while a compliment of forward mounted anti-armor rockets can neutralize targets to the front. For defense against areal threats the Raging Bull has an anti-aircraft missile system that consists of four missiles that are radar tracked. To finish out the Bull's weapons suite is a retracting, side mounted 40KW laser capable of punching through most armors.

Advanced Chobham Armor gives the Raging Bull a high degree of battlefield survivability, while a multi-fuel gas turbine engine provides the power to move this massive 75 ton monster of a tank.

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