All: RoC Rhino helicopter with added guns on the wings

HARV-7 (Heavy Assault and Recovery Transport) and Starwolf Helicopter

The most sophisticated tank in the Joe arsenal, it can smash through Cobra fortifications with ease! The Heavy Armored Recovery Vehicle has duel, top mounted missile racks, a rear-mounted anti-aircraft gun, opening side doors and canopy. Launch the Starwolf Attack Helicopter to provide air support against the Cobra SWARM. Includes Driver DAKOTA, helicopter pilot Dash and commander SLIM!
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Once I decided to make Slim, I wanted to add a pilot, a Marine and a vehicle. The RHINO is the most STARCOM-ish vehicle that I could think of. It has space military styling as well as the ''deployment'' feature with the helicopter. I knew that once painted into the proper colors, it would make a convincing STARCOM vehicle.

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