All: Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank with added weapons and accessories

"GI Joe has destroyed the SWARM forces and liberated the small town of Gold Springs, but Cobra Commander has not revealed his final plan. Blasting its way out of underground mines, the Cobra Anaconda Mobile Fortress takes to the battlefield! Will GI Joe defeat Cobra's most powerful weapon? Stay tuned next year for the epic conclusion of GI Joe Resurgence!''

Cobra Anaconda Mobile Fortress w. WORMs and Cobra Splitjaw Recon Bike w. Motor Viper - Foxtrot Class Vehicle
This tremendous, mobile, land based headquarters calls the shots during Cobra's campaign against GI Joe! Detect incoming GI Joe forces from the radar station. Fire the artillery battery from the Command and Control station. Launch the Splitjaw Recon Bike for quick scouting missions. Features 4 realistic battle sounds! Includes 2 commanders WORMS and MOTOR VIPER!


Bucky suggested the build for the Anaconda at the very beginning of this project (Resurgence II) when we were still brainstorming ideas. It was a fun idea, but at the time, none of us had a Clone Turbo Tank to chop up. A few months later, as luck would have it, I was on vacation in Western Canada and spotted a beat up CTT at a local thrift store for 20$. I had no idea how I was going to bring it back with me on the plane, but I picked it up anyway. Fortunately, with some help from family and some suitcase packing gymnastics, I brought it home in one piece. It was missing a few pieces when I bought it. I scratch built a couple of doors, attached some new weapons and gave it the signature snake cockpit.

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