Avatar Scorpion Gunship
Landing Skid, Chin Gun, Side Thrusters-POC Ghost Hawk
Rotor and Blades-Retaliation Eaglehawk

From Resurgence 2 by PHX Customs

The newest G.I. Joe attack chopper is heavily armed with rockets, missiles, and multiple independently rotating guns. Cobra forces don't stand a chance against this fire breather. Features spinning rotors and opening canopy for the included pilot MONGOOSE.

The Dragonfire came about one day while I was searching online for 1/18th vehicles that I had never had in hand. I saw the Avatar gunship and thought it would be a great base for a modern attack chopper for GI Joe. I changed the landing gear, added the rotors and added the side thrusters. This thing came armed to the teeth, but I did add a chin gun for a little extra muscle. I wanted to include Dragon in the title and considering its armament, Dragonfire seemed appropriate. In choosing the color, I wanted something that popped, as opposed to just a dull army green, so I looked at about a half dozen colors and went with the one that said dragon to me the most.

Box art by Sam Panico

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