Crusader drone top fuselage and hatch
Crusader drone cockpit window
Night Raven done for all other parts

Because the Sky Raven was a direct repaint of the Night Raven, I always felt like it should have included the drone. Even the post to mount the drone was still there. So I set out to create this custom.

I found all the parts at a toy show sales floor for cheap. The hard part (and most expensive) was getting the chroming done. I sent the top fuselage out to a person I found on the internet that did chroming work. It came back with a flawless chrome job on it. I obtained paint at a hobby store to come as close to a match to the sand color that is present on the Sky Raven intakes and engines. It's not a perfect match, but close. I painted the intake, engines, cockpit, guns, and hatch/tail section. I painted the inside of the cockpit window with just a standard black paint. This gave it the look of a very dark tint when in fact it is opaque. Stickers came from Cobra Stickers, their reproduction Sky Patrol Sky Hawk set.

Sky Raven is now complete with it's drone!

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