-Snow cat rear plate
-Mean Dog cab grate
-Captain America jet fan for grill
-Interior out of a diecast car
-Random farm tank trailer for gas tank
-Wheels off of an RC 4 wheeler
-Light bar from a very large RC pickup
-Two motors and exhaust from a random toy truck
-Front end made from jet section of a smaller scale Apache helicopter

I have started making Mad Max inspired vehicles for my Dreadnoks. I call this group of customs my Dreadnok War Wagons.

This vehicle actually started as just the wheels, engines and seats. It just lead me to what it should become as I worked on it.

The dents and damages were added by using a crafting heat gun made for embossing Styrofoam. I normally do not do lights but these lights were all ready wired and ready to go plus there was plenty of space to add the battery compartment so I figured I would go for it.

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