GI JOE Whale
Brawler tank
Mean Dog Missiles and cannon.

I always felt Cobra needed a Hovercraft to rival the Killer Whale. I envisioned building this years before I actually built it and it looks better than I could have imagined. It took a lot of cutting to get the Brawlers tank body it fit seamlessly onto the Whales hull and match up with the back half that holds the engines. I then framed it out with a scratch built decking. I cut the Brawlers turret off and fit the Mean Dogs cannon in it's place. I used the longer barrel from the Mean Dog as it gives it a much more aggressive look. After adding the Mean Dogs missile launchers on the sides I built a shield for the gunner in the main turret. No idea what the small front missile launcher is from but it fit perfectly. The recon sled and mini bike were also painted in the same colour scheme as the boat. The result is my favorite custom I've built so far. Hope you all like it.

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