Snow Cat body
Bridge Layer treads
Rage Cannon
Thunder Clap missiles
Wolf cannon

Designed back in 1984 the Hellion was to be Cobra's tank of the future. Unfortunately the facility where they were being built was destroyed by GI JOE. The Hellion featured a long range dual-barreled concussion cannon with a top mounted multi-shot high intensity machine gun cannon that fired armour piercing rounds. It also had two surface to surface as well as two larger ZPJ-79 delayed detonation cruise missiles. It also featured a very high-tech navigation system and a fuel efficient 25 valve 1400hp hybrid diesel engine. The Hellion was easily thirty years ahead of it's time.
Until recently the only remaining Hellion was in Cobra Commanders war museum. Now Cobra has plans to bring the Hellion back to life. Look out GI JOE this time Cobra will not fail.

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