All: Captain America motorcycle

Although they are mostly remembered as knock-offs of the more famous Transformers, the Gobots actually came first. Released in North America in 1983 by Tonka, they were created in Japan a few years before by Bandai. Despite being very similar toys, they never reached the popularity of the Transformers. The storyline revolved around the war between the heroic Guardians led by Leader-1 and the evil Renegades led by Cy-Kill.

As a tribute, I decided to integrate Cy-Kill into my Joe-verse by making him Zartan's motorcycle. At first, I wanted to make the more iconic red, white and blue version of the Renegades leader. I went back and forth on the color distribution but could not figure out how to make it work. Part of the problem is that the color scheme is too patriotic to fit with a bad guy. Plus, I don't see Zartan riding a Star Spangled banner colored chopper.

Tonka released a less well known gray/black/green version of Cy-Kill in series 2. It never made it into the TV show so it is not as well known. However, the colors fit much better for an evil tyrant no? The color scheme is also more Dreadnok-y in my opinion.

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