MXS Truck
Electrical tape
Number stickers for football helmets
Custom waterslide decals

This was made for the PHX Customs project Retro Toy Chest.

Stomper trucks were awesome. It's just that simple. I still have some from when I was a kid and for me the Stomper truck Happy Meal toys were the best toy McDonald's ever offered, even without them being motorized. They may be the only Happy Meal toys I saved from childhood and my son plays with them today. I went with some striping and traditional 4x4 badging and added the 80 to represent the release year. The fact that my 4 year old son confiscated this and plays with it daily attests to the desireability this toy had.

Clutch was a no brainer when deciding on who to drive and I gave him an off road look. This will be Clutch's off duty ride to go have fun and blow off some steam with the Joes.

This was the first time I have ever used colored electrical tape as decals.

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