Main body - Killer WHALE
Cupola - 1/16 Panzer
Mounted machine gun - Gundam Tieren Ground Type
Port & Starboard Pedistal mounted guns - Piranha Attack Boat mounts; 30th IG Smart guns

In a way I wanted to create a WHALE interior that was more like what the 8 year old me imagined it to be like!

So I cut away the sled launching section and made cardboard templates of the remodelled interior which I then built out of styrene sheeting; I removed the fan gear housing, reduced the length of the fan spindles, and cut a new recess for it further back with a dremel cutting wheel; I reconfigured the loading bay door hinges so it concertinas up instead of folding out; Remade the loading ramp; Added chequer plate style styrene to the new floor surfaces; Removed the twin turrets and added a closing hatch cupola from a 1/16 Panzer; Kit bashed two lateral gun mounts to fit either side of the new gangway behind the helm.

It now feels more like a navy river boat or a classic landing craft.

I may yet make a few cosmetic changes (add some decals; camo paint work; different lateral gun mounts) but for now I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out.

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