GI Joe Vamp mk2 main body. Modified Desert Vamp front brush guard. Head and fog lights modified from a Desert Vamp. Spare tires and Mounting axles from a 25th anniversary Vamp. 25th anniversary Vamp gas cans. Vamp rear deck removed and modified. Road Block's heavy machine mounted on a custom mount. Cobra Bazooka Trooper RPG mounted in the rear.

Designed for forward jungle reconnaissance the R.A.T. Vamp can safely carry a crew of four deep into enemy territory. The GI Joe forward strike command asked for a more versatile vehicle than the larger VAMP 2. This design retains the small lightweight and agile frame of the original VAMP, while still beefing it up just enough that the standard VAMP would be hard-pressed to survive. A modified brush guard and light system ensure travel in the darkest of nights. Front hood and rear mounted spare tires allow the team to travel back should they encounter any flats. A roof mounted heavy machine gun is always at the ready to fend off lightly armed fighters. The RPG is for encounters with light armor vehicles.

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