All: Battle Blitz v1, painted in the new Python Patrol colors.

Python Patrol is the codename of Cobra's elite unit, position regardless, from Viper to Lamprey, each member is one of the best in their rank of Cobra and a volunteer to undergo the Pythonization Process, a process in which vehicles and/or uniforms are given a primary layer of radar-resistant black-ball coating, then blanketed with a thermal-wave dispersal grid. This renders them invisible to nearly all forms of electronic detection, meaning that to hit them, you have to see them and if you see them, this bunch of mean snakes can shoot you!

With the recent reactivation of Python Patrol, new vehicles were needed, and found. One of these was the Python Blitz. Based off the failed design of the G.I. Joe Battle Blitz, the Pythonized Battle Blitz functions as a one man armored transport for inner-city and even non-urban operations. While unarmed, the thick armor and high speeds allow the driver to use his own personal weapons with little worry as to his own safety. Where the Battle Blitz had a hidden recon sled, the Python Blitz replaces this with a high-tech shock absorbsion system, turning it into a battering ram for knocking down G.I. Joe defences!

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