Main Body - Action Force AF5
Rear section - Scratch built from styrene sheeting
Jerry cans - World peacekeepers chenoweth
Tarpaulin - Chap Mei jeep

One of the early Battle Action Force stories to feature Z Force was called "Desert Strike" and revolved around a small mechanized group of Z Force troops cut-off and hunted in the deserts of the fictional North African state of Duna.

The main antagonists are a fanatical revolutionary group called the "Gibli" (imagine ISIS with air power!) who have overthrown the Duna regime and are now combing the desert to hunt down the surviving Z Force team who were originally in country acting as military advisers.

This vehicle cropped up a number of times in the story as a Gibli recce vehicle as essentially a variation of the Action Force AF5 (or Red Shadow Shadowtrak) but with raised sides like a utility truck.

I'm not sure whether the artist Vanyo was asked to shoehorn it in as cynical promotion of the toy or whether he just took upon himself and used a bit of artistic license to add his own take on that particular AF vehicle design.

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