Sea Ray all: RoC Mantis Attack Craft with added chin gun

''COBRA is extracting Helium-3, the fuel for its super-weapon, from the bottom of the ocean floor. GI JOE deploys its naval strike force to destroy the mining station. But Cobra is waiting to spring their trap! Cobra has deployed strong forces to defend their mining operation. Squadrons of Sea Rays, piloted by Sea Slugs and lead by the mysterious Kraken, patrol the ocean floor to defend their undersea base!''

''An awesome underwater attack and reconnaissance craft! In battle mode, the wings slide open to fire two torpedoes! Features opening canopy and four torpedoes. Includes COBRA navigator SEA SLUG! (Other figures sold separately).''

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The Valor vs Venom Sting Raider is a fun little vehicle. I wanted to see what it would look like in Sea Ray blue. The trickiest part was finding the right shade of blueish gray.

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