All: Cobra Jet Pack, repainted in the new Python Patrol colors.

Python Patrol is the codename of Cobra's elite unit, position regardless, from Viper to Lamprey, each member is one of the best in their rank of Cobra and a volunteer to undergo the Pythonization Process, a process in which vehicles and/or uniforms are given a primary layer of radar-resistant black-ball coating, then blanketed with a thermal-wave dispersal grid. This renders them invisible to nearly all forms of electronic detection, meaning that to hit them, you have to see them and if you can see them, this bunch of mean snakes can shoot you!

With the recent reactivation of Python Patrol, Cobra has been able to equip it's Patrols and bring older vehicles up to new standards in one master stroke. A perfect example of this is the Python Quezacotl, aptly named after the thunder god in Aztec religion that had the form of a winged serpent. The Python Quezacotl uses the base of Cobra's Jet Packs from the late Eighties and combines it with the Pythonization Process that makes the Python Patrol so deadly, with it's manuverablity and invisablity to electronics, even an unskilled pilot can get behind a G.I. Joe pilot and blow them out of the skies.

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