Variant one: Eaglehawk door gun
Variant two: Retaliation Roadblock's machine gun

Machine gun mount for both versions: Steel Brigade tripod modified

I loved the Snarler Cycle, except for the missile launcher. That totally ruined the vehicle for me. With the new weaponry that we have access to, I was able to modify a machine gun mount for the machine guns.

The one with the Eaglehawk gun is my urban ops version with a more compact smaller gun. Rider is Hit N Run and the gunner is my custom Rapid Fire (based on his Hall of Fame 12" version)

The one with Roadblock's gun is a personal one for Sneak Peek to go out and do advanced recon. Machine gun is used to get out of a hairy situation if they are compromised (although it is facing the wrong way if they are retreating...haha). Rider on this one is a custom Tracker and the gunner is my custom Sneak Peek.

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