Battle Buzzard:
True Heroes Missile Launcher vehicle base
USS Flagg crane (boom cut down to fit)
Havok rear tracks
Clothes hanger front bumper addition
Vamp interior
a ton of other small fodder

Danyelle James aka Pack Rat:
Lanard Snake Bite head with sculpted faux hawk
Lanard Snake Bite chest and arms
Steel Brigade torso
Spirit legs
Bazooka peg leg (added bazooka leg after this pic)

The Scythe have taken over. Most of the world is a war torn wasteland. The freedom fighters known as the Fallen are growing in rank but still lack the weapons to overthrow The Harvester (General of the Scythe) and his immense army. Enter Pack Rat and her Battle Buzzard. She built this monster from the remains of what she's found throughout the years since the first attacks. She scavenges the badlands and battlefields for parts of any kind that the Joes and Cobra (the Fallen) might use to build up their arsenal. She trades for food, fuel and whatever is useful to her. Rest assured she hates the Scythe and will do what she can to help destroy their reign.

Danyelle James: Pack Rat
Vehicle: Battle Buzzard

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