Dominator mini Tank with spare ram bar and wheel
Vamp front windshield and dash
Awe Striker lights
fodder bin steering wheel and propeller

The Cobra Schimmwagen or Swim Wagon is one of the oldest vehicles still in use on Cobra Island. Based off the German WW2 vehicle the Swim Wagon allows easy crossing of the many water ways of Cobra Island. Made from a lightweight carbon fibre graphite and steel blend the Swim Wagon can take a beating and still float. The way it works is simple there is a propeller that with the pull of a lever drops down and attaches to the drive shaft, when your back on land pull the lever back up and the propeller disengages and fits up underneath to save it from being damaged on land. You steer it from the steering wheel and the six wheels act like rudders. In case the vehicle takes on water and starts sinking the seats are easily removable and act as floatation devices. On land it's also a capable vehicle it can carry four troops inside and another two could hitch a ride on the back. The six wheel drive can take it over almost any kind of terrain and it get great gas mileage. It features a removable machine gun and mount, extra tools, a spare tire and room for troops packs and supplies.

I built this from the Battle Force 2000 Eliminator mini tank a Vamp and some Awe Striker lights. The design is based off the German WW2 vehicles Schwimmwagen and Kubelwagen. I wanted to keep some of that 80's futuristic look and blend it with a vintage WW2 look. It features a scratch built floor, interior side panels a rear roll bar that doubles as a handle bar for troops and a removable shovel and ax. It also has a spare tire and removable machine gun.

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