Wolverine Tank
Paralyzer cannon and missiles
Sky Hawk cab

The year is 1987 the height of the battle between GI JOE and Cobra rages on. Cobra Commander orders a new tank to be built something faster than the Hiss that also carry surface to air missiles. The Sidewinders were outfitted with a verity of large caliber high-velocity guns. Capable of firing kinetic energy penetrators, high explosive tank rounds and in some cases anti-aircraft guns. Another advantage the Sidewinder has is that it only needs one soldier to operate it. The upper cab is a combination of steel and Cobras own pina-plastic explosion proof glass. With a top speed of 70kph on open land the Sidewinder is unmatched by any tank of its time.
I love the Wolverine it's one of my favorite vehicles to customize. For this one I wanted to build something kind of 80s futuristic and a bit sporty. I used the Paralyzer cannon with the spring loaded launcher. Its attached to the Wolverines with it's original mount. I cut down a broken Sky Hawk canopy as a shield for the driver. I cut the hole a bit bigger so the figure easily slides in the back. The side armor and front and rear plates were scratch built. I didn't want the saddle bags so I built a new engine cover from scratch that helps change the look a bit.

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