GI Joe 30th Anniversary Skystriker, custom Jolly Rogers Cobrastickers, RayD workshop decals, black paint, panel lining and weathering markers

I've always loved the F-14 Tomcat jet. After acquiring both the 30th anniversary Skystriker and a Power Team Elite F/A 18 Hornet, I wanted to make my two jets look like squadron mates. The first step was painting the tailfins and nose of the Hornet in black, to match the Skystriker. I also painted the nose of the Skystriker to enlarge the black nose area. I then applied the yellow and black scheme Skystriker stickers to both jets in similar areas, and after acquiring the Cobrastickers Jolly Rogers stickers, applied them in a similar fashion. The final touch was acquiring RayD workshop Jolly Rogers decals for the tailfins, and panel lining and weathering the Skystriker with Gundam markers. It is not of course 100% accurate to what the Jolly Rogers look like, but is instead a Skystriker homage.

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