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The Sea Devils are my first attempt at a full subteam for GI Joe. It came about when I did a new custom of the Devil's Due version of Shipwreck. I mixed a nice blue colour for his sweater and hat (a mix of basic blue and intermediate blue), but I made way too much of it. It's such a pleasant colour that I decided to build a whole team around it, and the natural theme (both based on the colour and that Shipwreck would be a member) was water. So I came up with the Sea Devils, a Joe team that specializes in amphibious, littoral and riverine operations.

No GI Joe subteam is complete without some recoloured vehicles, of course. My first thought was the Devilfish, due to the serendipitous name, and figured I would come up with some other "Devil ____" names for the rest of them. But I decided to go another way, inspired by the Thunderbirds TV show, where there were five vehicles just called Thunderbird 1 through Thunderbird 5. Since the GI Joe Devilfish had the number 4 on it for some reason already, I figured it could be Devilfish 4, and then found four other vehicles to be 1, 2, 3 and 5. That way I could use the Devilfish logo for all of the vehicles.

The Cobra Piranha became Devilfish 3. I removed the external missile tabs. Like the other vehicles, I painted it with an ultramarine base coat before applying some blue over it, giving it kind of an interesting speckled look which unfortunately doesn't come out as well in the pics as it does in person. Gator, one of the original characters I did for the Sea Devils, is the driver.

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