Base vehicle - Russian toy Ka-50
Front landing gear - Tomahawk
Rear landing gear, rocket pods, missile racks - True Heroes Apache Longbow
Stickers -

The Krokodil, or more properly the Ka-51 Krokodil, is a custom based on the Kamov Ka-50 Black Shark helicopter, which is notable for its coaxial rotor system, meaning that it has two main rotors which rotate in opposite directions. I purchased a toy Ka-50 from Russia, which is pretty cool but not perfect - it's too small to really be a Ka-50 (which is why I call it a Ka-51, a fictional smaller-sized variant of the aircraft), and for some reason has a tail rotor which the coaxial rotor system actually eliminates the need for. The toy also came with landing skids rather than wheels, so those needed to be replaced. I took the front landing gear from the Tomahawk, and the rear landing gear from a True Heroes Apache Longbow. I also poached the rocket pods and missile racks from the Apache, and these required a fair bit of modification to fit. Some Oktober Guard stickers from complete the look. The Daina custom I did last year serves as the pilot. The last picture shows the original toy before modification.

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