Silent Strike Skystriker, Cobrastickers Evaluator Squadron custom stickers, uni POSCA silver pen, Skystriker canopy, Tamiya 'smoky' spray

One of the ideas I had for the Air Superiority group project that did not come together in time for submission was a customised black Skystriker that paid homage to the VX-4 Evaluators squadron. The F-14 in an all-black paint job is a slick, menacing looking jet, and the story was that GI Joe was re-evaluating the upgraded Skystrikers for service against the new Cobra air threat.

There's little paint-washing/weathering to be done on the dark gray surface of the Silent Strike Skystriker, so the work was primarily on lining the panels in silver. The Silent Strike stickers that were used initially were the ones on the tail fins and cockpit - with the cockpit ones being trimmed slightly. Those were followed by the ones on the body of the Skystriker. After I finally received the Cobrastickers Evaluator Squadron custom set, the wings and insignias were also applied.

The key replacement for this custom was the canopy - sadly, the opaque red canopy that comes with the Silent Strike set does nothing for me, so I purchased a vintage Skystriker canopy off ebay and sprayed it with the Tamiya smoky spray. The effect is terrific, but the canopy is only held in place by the front tab and there is no hinge at the moment.

"As consideration was being given by GI Joe command to reactivate the Skystrikers, new air tests and evaluations had to be carried out. The Evaluators Skystriker has been modified with a menacing black and red stealth paint job, as well as all the latest combat technology that could be packed into it!"

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