Mixed and matched parts from V.A.M.P. and Stinger.

This is an amalgamation of several ideas.
First and foremost, I've always wanted to do a "good guy" version of the Stinger. Also I've wanted to customize Digger from the Australian release of the comic book. Thought it he would make a great driver for a VAMP, and being Australian, Action Force seemed to make more sense than G.I. Joe.
Then I took a look at the Z-Force ATC. It struck me that that specific paint pattern could easily apply to a VAMP. The roof and doors could be treated as canvas, and be camouflaged, while the main body would be just green.

In this case I didn't want to simply customize a vehicle. My main goal was to make it as authentic as possible. I wanted to make it as close as possible to what Palitoy would have done back in 1984. That meant sticking mostly to existing parts, and using PAPER stickers. While there is a precedence for Palitoy making new parts for Action Force vehicles, such as the ATC, or repurposing parts like the VAMP gun on the Satellite Defence, So I decided to stick to existing parts. Also modern reproduction stickers are fantastic, but they tend to be plastic, and that wasn't the look I wanted. But they did have the proper scale and design. I picked up a few reproduction sticker sets, used them as a template, and made my own customized set on paper stickers.
For the paint job, again I was going for authentic. Using the ATC as my template I matched the Z-Force green as closely as I could. I didn't want to simply go with the gray base of the VAMP, because gray is not part of the Z-Force color scheme, so I sprayed the base in gloss black. But that didn't work for the wheels. I masked off the hubs, and sprayed the wheels in matt black. I intended to use a paint mask for the camo pattern, but the tight curves proved to be impossible to consistently cut out. I settled on freehand camo. I wanted a slightly different look for the doors and roof, a nice coat clear flat spray paint distinguished it from the high gloss of the rest of the vehicle.

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