Vehicle base - Tiger Cat (modified)
Cannon - Lanard The Corps! (modified)
Front missile boxes and missiles - Scrap-Iron (modified)
Side missiles - Dreadnok Cycle (modified)

I had a beater Tiger Cat lying around, and rather than let it go to waste I figured I'd try another relatively ambitious custom vehicle to follow up the Vampire plane that I posted a while back. I didn't want it to just be a Cobra repaint of a Snow Cat, so I took a Lanard cannon and mounted it in place of the missile rack on the back, replaced the ski missiles with missiles from the Dreadnok Cycle (no modification required), and for extra firepower attached two Scrap-Iron missile boxes to the front of the vehicle. It's armed to the teeth. The gun is 155mm in scale, which is a big boomer, much larger than most tank destroyers. Cobra loves nothing if not overkill. I used a sheet of styrene to add some armour to the canopy, to allow the vehicle to serve on the front line. All of the connections are mechanical, there is no glue used. I used a variety of reproduction Cobra stickers and decals from Bad Mother Tattoos to finish it up. The decal design is actually where the name comes from - a fire-breathing wolf's head (it's actually a Wolf Squad logo).

My favourite vehicle customizer is Blood Brigade, and if you're familiar with Blood Brigade customs their influence on this piece should be pretty obvious.

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